DirectSG.com.sg is here to link you up to the best the renovation business has to offer

No more getting bulldozed, fleeced or headaches over your renovations. We are here to do the leg work for you to help you create your sanctuary by weeding out the risks as you focus on building your dream home.

At DirectSG.com.sg, we pledge to give you the best there is for your home upgrading needs. All listings in DirectSG.com.sg has been through stringent checks and filters by us to make sure you get the best. Not only that, you can now GoDirect, skipping the leverage of a median, and contacting your renovation specialist directly leading to an even better deal for you. We create happy unions between our partners and you the customer by protecting you with rigorous scrutiny of our partner firms

Getting a big reputable ID Firm is no longer the only way to ensure you get the job done. With our innumerable partners and experience in the construction and renovation industry, we can lead you directly there, saving you the hassles and yet ensuring you get the best quotes, services and promotions the industry has to offer.

Our mission

At DirectSG.com.sg, we do not accept any requests for advertisements or contractors that do not meet our strict quality standards. While profit is important, we believe more in building a brand that our partners and customers can trust.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality contractors at the best price coupled with a worry free experience.

To create a happy marriage, on both sides, we benefit our partners with genuine customers and help them build a strong base through our marketing strategies both online and offline without having to spend a huge percentage of their budget on marketing.

Our vision

We strive to be an internationally trusted brand and the market leader for online renovation platforms. Our objective is to build a platform for our partners to further enhance their business through our marketing strategies at the lowest cost possible, and provide our customers with the best value contractors, yet never compromising and always focusing on quality.

Our commitment

DirectSG does not function just as an online renovation platform. We do not stop just at referring you to the contractor you need. Beyond that, we do periodic check-ins to make sure that all sectors of the project is flowing smoothly till completion. We are here to help you soothe out the rough edges. We also offer free consultation and advice for our customers to ensure that your renovation experience through us is always good. Let us be there for you. You need not fear hidden costs or go beyond your intended budget to achieve that home you’ve always dreamed of!


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