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Q. Why should I choose Direct Pte Ltd?

A. You are able to receive multiple quotes with no hidden costs with just a few clicks. You will not have to waste time meeting each contractor. We will base on what you need and your budget to refer contractors to you. You are able to get a quote even before deciding to arrange an appointment with any of them. On top of this, you will get exclusive promotions from our partners and lucky draws from us.

Q. How do I become a Direct Pte Ltd Partner?

A. You may contact us at 8181 8948 or email us at partners@directsg.com.sg. We will get a sales person to arrange an appointment with you to let you know more about the charges and different services we offer. However, you will be evaluated before listings or partnership is approved. There will also be random checks to make sure your quality standards are in line with our quality standards so we can serve our customers better.

Q. Do I have to pay for any quotations or consultation through Direct Pte Ltd?

A. No. It is entirely FREE.

Q. Can I still get a quote without a floor plan?

A. Yes, you can. With a floor plan, the quotes will be more precise without any unforeseen charges.

Q. What will you do with my personal information I provided?

A. We will send it only to our partners according to your needs and they will email/call you for a quotation. All our partners sign a confidentially agreement to keep your information strictly confidential.

Q. What exclusive promotions do I get from signing with a contractor through Direct Pte Ltd?

A. You get a chance to win our weekly, monthly and yearly lucky draw. You can also additional receive exclusive discounts or free gifts if you engage a contractor through directsg.

Q. Does directsg receive commission from interior designers or contractors?

A. To align with your interests, we do not receive any commission when we match you with our recommended contractors.

Q. Will I receive endless calls from contractors if I submit the quote?

A. By submitting one quote, we will match you with a maximum of five contractors. You may also choose the amount of quotes you wish to get so you will not receive calls from too many firms.

Q. How do contractors get recommended?

A. Contractors recommended by DirectSG have been through stringent quality and service checks. You can have piece of mind and rest assured all prices are transparent and there will be no hidden costs.


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